AYAVAs' R&D recommends "NET Metering" as the only option for Palestinians to reach grid neutralization.


planting& agriculture

Rising animal fodder prices were the main reason for AYAVA starting its hydroponic fodder production R&D. Research results were positive with barley and alfafa. Systems will be custom built based on customer's requests.


Water Treatmentsystems

Saline water treatment results were amazing and promise higher yields of vegetable production.


energy savingtechnologies

Our staff conducts customer specific energy saving techniques with the environment and ROI are taken into consideration.

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AYAVA's renewable energy & eco operations divisionLeaders in practical & affordable renewable energy solutions!

AYAVA's 10+ years of practical renewable energy expertise make it the leader in the Middle East region. We stock all the components and we assemble complete off grid and grid tie solar packages, so that we can offer them to you at rock-bottom prices. We also design and assemble ANY size system with appropriate panels or inverter integrated for all types of applications. Our solutions cover a full range of applications including: brackish water treatment, solar water pumps, hydroponic farming and much more...

Saving the environment is our code of conduct..