Amazing results with green beans irrigated with saline brackish water (EC: 5.3)

Amazing results with green beans successfully produced with highly saline brackish water
Forty five days after plantation, green beans look super healthy despite the high salinity water thanks to the physical water treatment system supplied by AYAVA.

Green Beans 45 days after plantation

USAID funded DAI – Compete Project began its tests for the AYAVA supplied physical saline water treatment solution. Five systems were installed Jordan Valley area, namely in Jericho (Palm Trees), Jiftlek (Bill Peppers and Beans), Oja (Medical Herbs), and Zababdeh (Grapes).
Current results show great effect of the physical water treatment system on production, where an increase of 32-35% bill peppers production, 20% increase in herbs production.
The turning point for those tests was growing Green Beans irrigated with highly saline water (EC: 5.3) which is simply an impossible result to be achieved.
Data is still being collected for this project and AYAVA will be sharing those updated numbers with our customers world wide in the form of a complete report in the summer of 2013

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