Off Grid

Off Grid by definition means no electric grid is available. If you have no electric grid where you live or intend to live, where your farm is, or where next project site is, then an Off Grid system would be the answer.
An Off Grid system can include solar, wind, or even combined with a diesel generator. It can be made up of a single source of power, or can be a hybrid system where several options are combined to provide a reliable power solution.
Whatever your Off Grid application is, AYAVA has been helping families live Off Grid since 2002. If you want to live Off Grid, or start a farming business in a rural area, or install street lighting systems -  give us a call and we will customize your system to suit your requirements by using the most reliable equipment to ensure durability and top safety standards.

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    What kinds of solar panels are accessible in the marketplace? Also those that are the most effective get the very best bang for your dollar?

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